Services Available at Lee Myles Transmission Repair Catonsville

Here at Lee Myles Transmissions we are a fully specialized transmission repair facility. We joined the Caton Auto Clinic Mall in 1996 and have been giving top quality service ever since. As a part of the Caton Auto Family, we won the 2014 Retailer/Service Provider of the Year in Catonsville as presented by the Catonsville Chamber of Commerce!

Ken Steinbach

Scott Steinbach

Devin Duncan
Manager - Lee Myles


We as a transmission specialist can assist you with:

- Transmission Repairs - Sometimes you may not need to fully replace your transmission! We've helped many save thousands of dollars- let us help you!

- Advanced Transmission Diagnostics for:

  • Transmission Slips
  • Transmission Hesitations
  • Transmission Leaks
  • Transmission Fault Codes
  • And Much More

- Transmission Replacements:

  • Transmision Overhauls
  • Quality Used Transmissions
  • Remanufactured Transmission

And if you have multiple problems we are a part of the Caton Auto Clinic Family! This means that you don't have to take your car anywhere else, we all work together in one location to fix your car right with a community leading warranty!