Lee Myles Baltimore - Transmission Education

What is a transmission: In most basic terms the transmission on your car transforms the power from the engine into motion at the car's wheels. For a more in-depth look visit:
The Car Connection

What are some signs of transmission problems:

  • Computer Fault Codes that turn on a warning indicator
  • Fluid Leaks that look cherry red to dark brown or black
  • A burnt smell to the transmission fluid
  • A bang sensation when the vehicle shifts gears
  • The RPM gauge raising without a noticeable change in speed
  • No forward or backward movement

What should I do to protect my transmission:

We recommend coming in to let us give a free check of your transmission. From there combined with any history on maintenance we can recommend a maintenance service to help protect your transmission for the future. We see a correlation between transmissions that go bad and a lack of maintenance so, you could save yourself thousands for a just a few hundred!

What should I do if my transmission does need to be replaced?

We strongly recommend to shop for value. You should weigh the following things when choosing a shop:

- Is the shop a specialist? This is important for diagnosis and making sure the new transmission performs correctly. You don't want to spend thousands based off of a recommendation from someone who hasn't been trained in transmissions do you?

- What is the warranty on the transmission? The transmission is a large investment, make sure the shop will stand behind the transmission they install.

- What history does the shop have? Just as important as the warranty is the shop itself. Does it have good online reviews? Do they care enough to respond to poor reviews? Do you feel confident that they will still be in business at the end of your warranty period?

- Do you get options from the shop? As humans we are all different. You may be in a different place than another customer so perhaps a used unit is better for you and your finances. Make sure the shop you choose is prepared to help you in any way possible!